Italian cold cuts, how are preserved!

talking about conservation, it means preserving the organoleptic properties of the product, to avoid microbiological changes and oxidation processes which affect the taste and  flavor of the product (the chemical reaction between fat substances and oxygen in the air)

To taste better the cold cuts you need to follow some simple but important rules;

the sliced cured meats should be eaten within a short time, to prevent loss of freshness

cold meats in sealed containers are convenient and safe system to keep a provision of cold meats,

but you must keep them in the refrigerator (even when the container is still closed) and consume them in any case within the expiration date.


the whole ham should be stored in a cool, dry place, once opened the norms for cold cuts are to taking care to cover the cut surface with aluminum foil or plastic wrap, possibly after having greased with a drop of oil


the cut surface of the culatello must be covered with a linen cloth after it has been lightly greased with oil


Before slicing the cured ham it is necessary to remove the pork rind and the external sugnatura to avoid that while cutting your knife can become dirty with the coating fat, against the taste and aroma of the slice



Enjoy your meal !

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