Cooked products

Salumi Fratelli  Marini , excellence since 1986. We work with passion the best pork meat according to family tradition, we select only animals born, raised and slaughtered in Italy. 


Cooked products, coppa di testa, tronchetto di porchetta, zampone e cotechino.



Tronchetto di porchetta

  • s.v. intero kg 7/8: cod. 047A
  • s.v. a metà kg 3.5/4: cod. 047B
  • s.v. a fette gr 500: cod. 047C
  • cartone: 8/16 kg c/a

Coppa di testa

  • sfusa: cod. 018
  • s.v. da 3/5 kg: cod. 018A
  • s.v. da  gr 300: cod. 018B
  • cartone: 10 kg c/a


  • crudo: cod. 391A
  • precotto intero s.v. kg 1.0/1.2: cod. 391B
  • cartone: 10/12 kg c/a


  • crudo: cod. 392A
  • precotto intero s.v. gr 500: cod. 392B
  • cartone: 10/12 kg c/a

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